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The only book of its kind - January 2009, after 23 years of being safely packed away, Karen Klausner Chute took the taped interviews and travel journal from her trip to Ireland and wrote about her adventures and the collected stories that she was given from the Clancy and Makem families and friends. 

Carried along by fate driven circumstances, Karen was led to hearing Irish music for the first time at the 15 year Reunion Concert of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.  This led to an interview with Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy about the music.  Which led her to flying from Los Angeles to Ireland in the Spring of ’86 where six months from the day of the concert she was having breakfast with Tommy and Liam in their Belfast hotel.

Karen, with her tape recorder in hand, knocked unannounced on the doors of their family and friends and was invited in, and with great candor she was told intimate stories of their family life, childhood antics, young adulthood dreams and the chain of events that led to the forming of the group.

You will feel like you are there with Karen as these delightful and captivating characters tell you their stories.

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